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Proper planning prevents poor performance!

01 July 13

Over the past few issues of Connect, I have highlighted different strategies for growing business organically; but I recognise that this is extremely challenging in the present economic climate. I have not yet asked whether buying a business, or merging with someone else, could generate efficiencies and improve profitability.

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Is it you, or your team, getting in the way of profits?

01 June 13

Why do small businesses frequently fail to deliver growth or profit as expected, when hardworking, intelligent owners dedicate all hours to deliver the best possible service or products?

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Put your prices up, you must be joking?

01 May 13

Last month I described the relationship between profit, price and sales volumes and suggested that reducing prices to gain market share was a more risky strategy than putting prices up and differentiating your service in the current climate.

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Is the time right to raise prices by 50%?

01 April 13

When there is less business about, sales volumes are lower, and there is a general tendency to decrease prices to win business and revenue, business owners often focus on cost cutting.

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Bad customers drive profitability (and good clients) away

01 March 13

On a day to day basis my firm’s role is to get to the bottom of what is going on in a business, understanding better how the results are generated and what the main drivers of profitability and revenue are to provoke positive change.

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‘Luke, I’ve got a situation: what’s my business worth?’

01 February 13

I’ve heard that an accountant ‘ someone who knows the cost of everything, and the value of nothing’. Whilst I am pretty sure that’s a misquotation of Oscar Wilde, I’m also pretty sure most people would agree. Ironic then that I’m often asked ‘what’s it worth?’ with the expectation of a legally binding, virtually immediate, response!

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